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Minggu, 09 April 2017


The iconic Bus

 …”don’t leave you bag inside the bus, cause  tonight the bus will leave us” Manoj said to us before we leave the bus. So sad to hear that words.

love the color and  picture on the bus
  Yes, that was the last day of us stay on the bus. The colorful bus that bring something iconic on Kerala Blog Express.

For me, to be part of Kerala Blog Express is something priceless. Met the new friends and saw the beautiful landscape of Kerala. Create memories that will be remember. That’s why I joint for this ; Kerala Blog Express Season 4.

the Bloggers and the Bus - its first time we met.
On the first day, after opening ceremony, that the first time seen the bus.  Yess,  the colorful bus – with the Katakhali performance, the nature landscape of Kerala with  coconut trees  and birds on the sky. The both of side so colorful with the name every country of bloggers.  And every year, patterns, color and picture on the bus always different.  The team of Kerala Blog Express that were preparation the color and bus concept more than two month before event.

happy to be part of KBE Season 4


Every moment that we made, every places that we visited, the bus always there.  The bus had to be part of us. More than 1500 kms.  Part of our stories.  On bus we sat together although sometimes exchange partner, heheheh. Even the most of time for sleep but the bus being other room to us share and care to each other – include do silly or crazy think (its me), hehehe.  Some Blogger do their job with laptop during the journey. 

they taking picture  using my cellphone

Dan - Vlogger asal Canada yang selalu rajin mengedit video dalam bus

My Britney and Ketty Perry

working on the bus

As the driver – Roni always managed to bring us even in conditions meandered though – such as like Roni drove the bus through 9th hairpin ben when we went  to Wayanad District. So that’s why I’d  gave Roni the aliases ; Jason Statham on The Transporter the movie.

Other than that , Mr. Manoj always giving us such the information and so much stories about the places or something that really need to know.  

Mr. Roni - our driver - Jason Statham

me and Mr.Roni

Mr. Shailender

Mr Manoj our wise and humble guide

For our memories include the unforgettable bus, Thank you so much for a spectacular moment and hospitality. It was a journey that I will never forget. Met amazing and lovely bloggers from around the globe. Now I have friends to becoming family that hope to see you soon. 
the Route our Journey

the bus and beautiful view
Special thanks for all team on Kerala Blog Express Season 4 (celebrities season) hehehe. I don’t have words to describe how wonderful and helpful you al were. From the entire tourism and media tem to our guide Mr. Manoj (aliases Manoj Counting, or Manoj Water) who were wise and humble and always ready to help us throughout our trip.  And… Give a big applause to our Driver Roni and his assistant Shailender who with their sheer excellence made this journey a memorable one. 
happy with the bus

always photo with the bus

Cant believe how quickly there 15 days passed. And the bus will back normally without KBE color or picture.
But the whole great thing always on my mind, the beaches, the boats, the extravagant hotels, the silly thing that I made to you guys!, hehehe… (so sorry about that – sometimes).

The Bloggers and the Bust - the Last Day.
Thank You Kerala Tourism and  Kerala Blog Express Crew that Showing us the beauty of Gods Own Country.


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